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László Felkai: Count János Zichy, minister of culture

The work of Count János Zichy (1869-1944), minister or culture and religious affairs between 1910-1913 and then May-October 1918 is introduced. Count Zichy continued the tradition of his predecessor, with the objective of strengthening the Christian and national spirit of public education in Hungary. He considered culture to be the key to the country's position in international and legal affairs and the full establishment of elementary public national culture as the basis of national culture. From a legislative respect, he was exceptionally successful, with several important laws on education passed under his terms in office. He was behind the foundation of the third university in Hungary as well as the establishment of new schools. He aimed to increase the effectiveness by teaching through providing better financial and legal conditions as well as through raising the standards of exams and of the methodological training of teachers.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 100. Number 1. 53-58. (2000)

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