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Katalin Holló Hajduné: Criterion-referenced diagnostic assessment of the development of the combinative ability of 4-8-year-olds

This study presents an assessment instrument for the criterion referenced analytic diagnosis of combinative ability. 4-8-year-old children in a layered sample (N=798) were administered the test for a cross-sectional analysis of development. The results show that the average performance is 38%p for 4-year-olds and 58%p for 5-year-olds. This suggests that the development of this ability begins around 2-3 years of age and continues possibly until adolescence. At the same time, extreme differences were found between individuals, which makes it impossible to predict the course of development in later years.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 104. Number 3. 263-292. (2004)

Address for correspondence: Hajduné Holló Katalin, Napköziotthonos Óvodák, H–4069 Egyek, Óvoda u. 4-8.

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