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László Felkai: Béla Jankovich: Minister of culture and legislator

Having completed his studies in Hungary and abroad and being a statesman of the greatest economic and legal knowledge, Béla Jankovich (1865­1939) served as minister of culture and religion in the government of László Lukács, then that of Count István Tisza, between 1913 and 1917. His knowledge of issues in Hungarian education and his sense of responsibility for its modernisation are shown by the number of his bills, surpassing all his predecessors in this respect. This is an indicator of his determination and also of the firm theoretical grounding of his work, resulting in more significant outcomes than in the case of other ministers of culture in this era. In his program speech in the 1914/15 budget debate in parliament he outlined his remarkable views on schooling and, embedding these in a wider context, on Hungarian cultural life. His provisions and laws introduced stricter control over public education, shaped secondary curricula and contributed to a more unified system of education. He took legal measures to adjustment of teacher salaries in all kindergarten and elementary education. In contrast to one or two laws prepared by his predecessors, the 11 laws Jankovich created successfully served to the whole of education in the Dualistic era.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 103. Number 1. 105-117. (2003)

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