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Sándor Lénárd and Nóra Rapos: International and national tendencies in modernization of higher education

The wide range of political, economic and social changes surrounding the world of public and higher education has resulted in dramatic transformations in education as well. Among the most dominant controlling forces we need to mention the decreasing financial support from state subsidies, the impulsive transformation of industry, the growth of unemployment among, the young, and the increasing conflict between the most powerful interest groups. Other causes are the trends towards a unified Europe and the willingness to instruct experts with extensive knowledge and favourable attitudes conforming to the expectations of the international market. The changes in these areas clearly affirm the growing number of experts in Europe as well as in the world who are involved in research on the problems of higher education on the regional and continental levels. Besides local problems in individual countries, we can classify general tendencies, which are global or characteristically European. Among these similar features we may observe the followings (1) the development of mass higher education; (2) changes in the proportion of subsidies; (3) changes in the sources of subsidies; (4) a the transformation in the structure of higher education.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 100. Number 1. 33-51. (2000)

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