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Ference Marton: Variatio est mater studiorum

"Practice makes perfect", according to conventional wisdom. Or in other, words "Repetition is the mother of learning". It is argued in this paper that it is variation rather than repetition that is the necessary condition for learning whereas pure repetition can be considered as a special case of variation. The thesis is thus "Variation is the mother of learning". The implication of this thesis is that for every capability there is a necessary pattern of variation for it to be learned. Whatever the learning conditions may be like in other respects, without this pattern of variation being present, the capability in question cannot be developed.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 100. Number 2. 127-140. (2000)

Levelezési cím / Address for correspondence: Ference Marton, Department of Education, Göteborg University, Box 300, 40530 Göteborg


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