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László Zrinszky: Setting norms: A problem in education - A problem for educators

The problem of defining norms is discussed as a philosophical one in education, in the context of other crucial theoretical issues. Different interpretations of norm setting in education are compared, including endeavours aimed at the exclusion of this very act. Features focusing on the orientation of educational activities are found to be impossible to be eliminated either from the science of education or from direct reflections on educational practice. At the same time, however, an emphatic norm setting, which involves regulation beyond what is justifiable and which, consequently, enforces uniformity, does not contribute to effective education. This view is close to that of Jörg Ruhloff's, a distinguished monographer of the issue, with one major difference. The author does not find the problem unresolvable even though at present several competing answers are known. Education is seen here as a continuous and indispensable intervention, even when the decisive impulses are expected to be made by the subjects of education. Therefore a function of influencing mind and action, indispensable though not exclusive, is attributed to all levels of theory.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 100. Number 3. 303-313. (2000)

Levelezési cím / Address for correspondence: Zrinszky László, H-1133 Budapest, Tutaj u. 1/a


Magyar Tudományos Akadémia