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János Ugrai: Discipline in the Protestant Boarding-School of Sárospatak at the Turn of the 18th And 19th Century

The purpose of the present investigation is to examine the question of discipline as realized in the Protestant Boarding-School of Sárospatak, which was one of the most important institutions of the Hungarian Enlightenment. The reason for choosing this unusual point of view is to investigate the conditions and the nature of the disciplinary methods and relations characterising life in the school. It appears that the very strict rules of conduct were not kept either by the students or the teachers. Traces of smaller transgressions were found which occured rather frequently as well as more serious ones, such as swearing, theft and burglary. What all this evidence points to is that even this excellent institution could not avoid the general confusion present in society.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 101. Number 3. 285-300. (2001)

Levelezési cím / Address for correspondence: Ugrai János, Debreceni Egyetem, BTK Neve­lés­tudományi Tanszék H-4010 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1.


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