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Tünde Barabási: Teacher training for elementary education in Hungary and Romania

This paper aims to compare and contrast Romanian and Hungarian teacher training for elementary education, focusing on selected aspects of structure and content and based on document analysis. Special emphasis is given to Hungarian teacher training in Transylvania. The significance of such analysis is further accentuated by the recent restructuring of elementary teacher training in Romania by elevating it from the secondary to the tertiary level of education. As regards structure, the place of teacher training for elementary schooling in examined in relation to schooling in general and teacher training in general in both countries. Issues concerning professional training and the integration of theoretical and practical training are highlighted. As regards content, the degree requirements and the curricula are analysed, with emphasis on the ratio of psychology and educational sciences and the relationships between requirements concerning learning theory and involvement in pedagogical practice. Instead of evaluating the two systems under investigation, the paper focuses on identifying weaknesses in the new Romanian teacher training system for elementary schooling, which could be eliminated.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 102. Number 2. 179-201. (2002)

Levelezési cím / Address for correspondence: Barabás Tünde, Babes ­ Bolyai Tudományegyetem, Tanítóképző Főiskola, Székelyudvarhely


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