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Éva Szolár : Who should finance romanian public education?

The study is a narrative attempt to analyze the relationship between international trends and Romanian educational financing issues. A review of the trends in educational financing is presented from economic, political, historical and legal perspectives. The main conclusion is that the financial reforms in the Romanian education system are an integral part of the global trends marked by the agenda of neo-liberal educational policy, the changing role of the state, decentralization processes, as well as the marketization and privatization of educational institutions and services. The principal global promoters of neo-liberal educational policy are the international financial institutions, especially the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. These determined the Romanian educational reform agenda in the post-socialist transformation period. The lack of Romanian research resources, the small number of researchers and institutions in educational science make only simple policy transfers possible, but not thorough and evidence-based reform implementations.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 107. Number 3. 205-231. (2007)

Levelezési cím / Address for correspondence: Szolár Éva, Partiumi Keresztény Egyetem, Társadalomtudományi Tanszék, Romania – Oradea, Str. Primariei nr. 27.


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