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Zoltán Báthory : Comparative analysis of the Finnish and Hungarian matriculation examination

The comparative analysis of the Finnish and Hungarian matriculation examination has shown striking differences. From the content perspective the Finnish emphasize languages (there are two national languages and one or two foreign languages - in most cases it is English). At the same time they relatively disregard math, natural science subjects and even history. The Finnish students can avoid those subjects at their final examination. The Finnish developed a kind of test standardization. Written examination, essays and various open-ended tasks constitute the majority of assessment. In the essay-type tasks double-checking was introduced (essays are assessed both in schools and centrally). In Hungary oral examinations are stressed, there has been no major effort thus far to standardize the procedure. The author concludes that Hungarians, initiating matriculation examination reform, may gain useful data from studying the Finnish system and experience – even if this system could also be improved. Among other issues, there should be given more emphasis in the examination for local, school-based subjects, and even the level of current standardization could be upgraded.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 93. Number 1-2. 3-18. (1993)

Levelezési cím / Address for correspondence: Báthory Zoltán, Országos Közoktatási In¬tézet Értékelési Központ, H–1051 Budapest, Dorottya u. 18.


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