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József Strohner : Visual education and social roles in the processes of visual communication

As a result of a new understanding of the notion of knowledge, a new vision of education is in the making, due, a change in the direction of social transformations and the effects of European integration. This issue is examined from the point of view of visual education, with special emphasis on creative and interpretative roles, the problems of knowledge and communication, the pedagogical aspects of creation and creativity, as well as the contemporary understanding of the participants in the educational process. The outlines of a model of visual education are presented, in line with the principles of component systems. Consequently, the model is structured corresponding to the nature and contents of visual images and is based on a concept of personality that is appropriate for integrating special visual components. Not simply an instructional program, it is a representation of the characteristics of the visual key competence in the hierarchical system of the personality. Sensibly experiencing the world requires the use of our abilities adequately, in a future-referenced manner. It is the relationship between the component systems of personalities and the world as an active being (both in the social and the natural sense), a constant thriving for harmony. Therefore no pedagogical endeavours are feasible that would be based on a methodology of uniformity. Organisations in a component system are defined by those characteristics of their components which make them possible. This means that the characteristics of the components and the functional network these create are mutually define and presuppose each other. Contemporary and creditable visual education is possible and worthwile only when it is based on comprehensive knowledge of the operation of component system of the creative personality and of visual communication, including all intentions and forms of sending and receiving visual information.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 105. Number 3. 283-305. (2005)

Levelezési cím / Address for correspondence: Strohner József, Kecskeméti Tanítóképző Főiskolai Kar , Művészeti Intézet, H-6000 Kecskemét, Kaszap u. 6-14.


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