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Béla Kozéki & Rita Berghammer: Empathy and Impulsivity from Motivational and Educational Points of View

The paper deals with empathy and impulsivity, evaluated as contrasting personality traits and interpreted from motivational and educational aspects. In the authors' hypothesis empathy shows a positive correlation and impulsivity a negative one to morality and moral motivation. The investigation using motivational and personality inventories involved 968 normal and 158 so-called deviant pupils from 13 to 15 year educated in special schools. The authors present the correlations of the examined personality traits with the motivational structures composed of the affective, cognitive and moral domains of motivation. The analysis of the results illustrated by statistical data proves the positive connection of empathy and the negative correlation of impulsivity to moral motivation. In the concluding remarks a new theory of empathic function is outlined, which contains a moral dimension besides the affective and cognitive ones identified in the referring literature. The authors discuss its consequences concerning personality psychology and education.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 91. Number 2. 131-149. (1991)

Levelezési cím / Address for correspondence: Kozéki Béla, MTA Pszichológiai Intézet, H-1067 Budapest, Teréz krt. 13.


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