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László Felkai: Albert Berzeviczy, the cultural politician

Albert Berzeviczy was an outstanding individual of Hungarian cultural history even on a European scale. For several decades he worked in educational and especially educational policy affairs as a member of the Parliament, at the Ministry of Religion and Public Education then as a Secretary of State. In the middle of his life and in the midpoint of his work - and also of this study - stands his ministry of religion and public education. His orders and bills focused on the reform of the Hungarian schooling. The most outstanding of the latter ones was the reform plan of the public education laws of that time, with the reform of the 1868:XXXVIII. Act above all that had been long drawn-out and even during his term had not been passed. Even after his ministry he drew attention with his writings and as an eloquent speaker. He was a distinguished scientist in historical science, art history and aesthetics and politician and cultural politician.

MAGYAR PEDAGÓGIA 98. Number 1. 27-40. (1998)

Levelezési cím / Address for correspondence: Felkai László, H - 1077 Budapest, VII. Dohány u. 12.


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